Employee on Fire


This month’s Employee on Fire is Sean Markovich. Sean is a certified personal trainer through SCW Fitness and has a Health and Wellness Certificate from Santa Rosa Junior College (SRJC). Sean is also attending SRJC and working towards obtaining a degree in Kinesiology. At the Redwood Club, Sean teaches TRC Fit, Shockwave and offers personal and group Sports Specific Training (SST) for student-athletes.

In addition to continuing his education and teaching classes here at the Redwood Club, Sean will begin his fourth season coaching the varsity football team at Analy High School. One of Sean’s greatest passions is working with athletes to help them focus on speed, agility, and proper movement techniques. Sean also has experience working with clients with restricted movement due injury or illness.

Sean’s exercise philosophy is one that we at the Redwood Club stand behind because yes, we work out to feel good! All of Sean’s workouts are designed to challenge participants while accommodating all levels of fitness.


If interested in taking a group class taught by Sean, join us for either:

sean-in-actionTRC Fit
Monday – Friday at 5:30 AM
Monday – Thursday at 6:00 PM

Tuesday & Friday 5:30 AM
Monday & Thursday 6:00 PM



Description of TRC Fit – A comprehensive small group full body workout that combines cardio, resistance, and plyometric exercises. Focus on form development followed by increases in intensity and resistance.

Description of Shockwave The number one full body workout in the world! A Circuit of resistance, body weight, or plyometric exercise with rowing for cardio. The rowers determine how long we work, creating a fun and dynamic group atmosphere.


If interested in Sports Specific Training (SST) from Sean, that is scheduled at your convenience and is available as a one-on-one or a small group session for student athletes. Training focuses on helping athletes develop proper movement technique and includes light weight lifting depending on the athlete’s age and their sport of choice. The primary focus is on improving balance, agility, and plyometric ability.