Did you know that regular exercise is essential to you living the best life you can live? Exercise is about so much more than helping you lose weight or appearing more toned. It is about feeling good! The benefits of regular exercise help you build and retain strength so that you are fit enough to carry out your daily activities without pain or injury.

Exercising for Strength
It is very important to exercise for strength and stamina because every move your body makes throughout the day requires muscular strength. Without proper muscle strength, you may struggle while performing everyday tasks such as lifting objects in your home like laundry baskets or grocery bags, moving furniture or vacuuming. Muscle weakness also causes you to be more susceptible to injuries. For instance, if you have weakened core or back muscles, you will heighten your chances of developing lower back injuries. If your rotator cuff muscles are weak, you may experience shoulder injuries.

Weakened thigh muscles create a situation where your knees will not be as stable as they should be and as a result, be more prone to injuries. Muscle weaknesses also raise your risk for suffering from falls. While injuries stemming from falls are more common in older adults, injuries arising from muscle weaknesses occur at all ages. This is particularly the case for today’s technologically savvy population because more and more time is spent being sedentary whether it be in front of a television, computer, smartphone or video game console.

The last thing you want to do is injure yourself and develop limitations that hinder your daily activities. This is why it is important that adults participate in muscle strengthening activities (involving all the key muscles) at least twice a week. In strengthening your muscles, you will become stronger, improve your balance, increase your flexibility and develop a better sense of control. Having adequate muscle strength will help you complete everyday tasks with ease. For instance, with the proper muscle strength, you will be able to climb stairs, open jars, carry groceries, transport laundry, garden and help take care of children without worrying about injuring yourself.

Keep Your Blood Pressure Rate Under Control

Check and know what your blood pressure rate is because you want to keep it under control. To help with this process, stay away from eating excessive amounts of salt. One easy way to keep salt consumption to a minimum is to use citrus and spices to season your food instead of salt.

As described, exercising for strength and stamina is very important to your quality of life so if you aren’t actively engaging in a regular exercise routine that emphasizes these areas, it is time to start! If you live in or around Petaluma, California, and find yourself looking for a fitness club to join so that you can start living your best life possible, head over to the Redwood Club.

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