HOWL Fitness-Healthy Optimum Weight Loss

Healthy Optimal Weight LossHOWL Fitness promotes healthy optimum weight loss by providing you with programming based on the 4 Pillars of HOWL.

  • Structured plans and guidance on how to lose weight safely and keep it off.
  • The best diet and exercise programs to support quick weight loss.
  • Encouraging your participation in the HOWL diet support groups.
  • Embracing the biological facts of body chemistry and supporting your brain and endocrine system to support your weight loss and weight maintenance.
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Access all the blogs, videos, & Q&A meetings
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Yes, I have dieted before. How about you? I believed that the answer was in the diet, or the weight loss so I kept looking for the ‘right” one. The one that would do it for me, drop my weight painlessly and effortlessly and keep it off for good. Fast forward 20 years and I am finally giving up! I am going to have to change the way I eat (whether I like it or not) and keep exercising all my life! That is a reality I cannot find a work around for. Can you?

Being in the fitness business I have worked with thousands of clients who want to lose weight and get fit without changing anything, learning anything, or doing anything difficult or uncomfortable.
With that in mind, we have designed Howl Fitness to be effective with minimal change, give options for different preferences and give continuous support to help you through the difficult times and share the successes.

You will find the results you are after with a customized weight loss plan that will train your metabolism to work for you so that you feel energized.
You can choose your own boundaries to live within during the weight loss period and set up a sustainable maintenance plan so that you will never see 140 pounds (or whatever weight that is for you) again!
You will learn what foods, exercises and patterns you need to establish for lose and maintain your results
You will mee tother like-minded people who will support and inspire you as you grow your well body and healthy lifestyle

Susan JanssonSusan Jansson
I have been focused on fitness and health since I was 18 years old. I have a degree in Microbiology, a minor in Chemistry, personal training, CrossFit, Group x and Sports nutrition certifications and I own 13 gyms and have been operating them, personal training and teaching classes for over 20 years.

During that time I have had the opportunity to watch people deal with their decisions about whether to join a gym or not, whether to use the gym or not, whether to start an exercise program, or a weight loss program, what classes to take or not, who will I train with and what will I do. I can tell those who will be successful and those who will need to quit and come back and try 3 or 4 more times before they are successful, and those who will never be successful.

For each group I have experimented with different exercise and nutrition plans, different lifestyle changes, different means of supporting them and different narratives to share with each of them.

From this invaluable experience I have been successful. I have successfully motivated and changed the lives of thousands of people over these 20 plus years and worked with other fitness professionals to collect all of our best practices to keep improving our craft.

Howl fitness is the beginning of another innovation: taking care of people where they are, sorting through all the books, experiences and experts I can so as to recommend, customize and get results for people in their homes and communities and create a space for them to share their successes and their challenges.

Welcome to Howl fitness where you can express yourself in your own way and get the results you say you are after.

11357226_10102035868120876_3347143399885502461_oMy first partner is my daughter, Natalie Lewman, DO. She is a hospitalist by trade and has been with me all through my fitness development and gone on to study medicine and aid in helping those who are sick get well and then the well get fit.
She has a unique way of combining medical and biological facts of how the body works with her exercise and nutrition experience to diagnose individual situations and prescribe methods for healing and wellness.

Join us as we bring you something to Howl about: your healthy, fit life. Welcome to HOWL Fitness.