John Molinari is TRC’s Member on Fire for September

John MolinariThis month’s Member on Fire is John Molinari who is the Head Coach of the Petaluma Boys Freshman Basketball Team. John is this month’s featured member because of his hard work and dedication towards fulfilling his fitness goals.

John’s Fitness Goal

John, who has played basketball for eleven years, was teased heavily while participating in high school basketball because he was one of the shorter players and because of that, wasn’t able to effortlessly dunk the ball. During John’s senior year of high school and this past summer, he decided that he was going to set a goal to slam dunk a basketball.

image01John’s Journey

Determined to carry out a dunk shot successfully, John came to the gym five times a week to lift using free weights and do specific exercises that would help him jump higher and train his fast twitch muscles. To do this, he did box jumps, weighted squat jumps and put a lot of time into jumping rope.

John’s Success

John remained dedicated to his goal and over time, he got closer and closer to that basketball rim, trying every day until—one day he finally did it! His hard work and determination paid off and John Molinari proved that just because someone is short, doesn’t mean they can’t dunk a basketball. Way to go John!