Join an Aquasize class—It’s One of the Best Low Impact and total body Workouts Available!

woman doing aquasize
If you are looking for a low impact class  that increases strength, flexibility and improves endurance, try Aquasize today!

Aquasize is 100% joint-friendly and is the perfect solution if you are looking to switch up your exercise routine or if you are currently suffering from arthritis, knee, back or joint pain.

Aquasize-aquacise-equipment-dumbellsAquasize is a form of water aerobics where you do aerobic activity in a pool while using equipment such  as  foam dumbbells or noodles. Aquasize has little impact due to the buoyancy of the water, which provides the perfect medium for those looking to avoid high impact activity.

Even if you aren’t concerned with the amount of impact a physical activity may have on your joints, water-based exercise classes offer additional benefits. For instance, performing an aerobic activity in the water helps increase flexibility because being in the water allows for a greater range of motion. The water also provides a natural resistance that helps strengthen muscles and improve endurance.

Water also adds pressure on your body, which has a soothing effect that reduces stress on your heart. The reduction in stress allows you to exercise for an extended period of time and therefore, burn more fat than if exercising on land. As you can imagine, this can be of great benefit to someone looking to lose weight, get in shape or work on toning their body.

While we at The Redwood Club recommend water-based activities for those suffering from arthritis and other types of chronic pain, there are particular types of injuries where water-based activities can still pose a risk. It is for that reason that we always encourage our members to discuss their exercise plans with their physician before beginning.

If you are interested in taking an Aquasize class or obtaining additional information, one of our Fitness Club Member Representatives will be happy to assist!

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