Redwood Club April Member on Fire:  J-Holleywood

Ex-College Football   running back at St. Mary’s College of California, J-Holleywood spends his time at the Redwood Club training and staying in shape for upcoming Triathlons, Heli-Snowboarding, Wakeboarding, Indoor Rock Climbing, Kiteboarding, Scuba Diving, Golf and Tennis. He recently completed his first half triathlon in Long Beach, finishing 66th overall, and 9th in his age group!!


1.3mi in 47:43

  56miles – 3:05:50,

 13.1mi – 2:04:20.

He’s looking to improve at the next half-triathlon in Lake Berryessa in April. Jared’s goal is to compete in 20 triathlons in the next 5 years (all over the world), with a target of completing his first full IronMan in Jan 2019 in New Zealand.

With still a long way to go, improvement goals for the 2nd half of 2018 include: yoga, flexibility, planking, leg press, swimming, and arrow-bar biking. Tips from trainers Geri and Teela have been priceless! ANY and ALL advice is welcome!

“Enjoy the Journey”  

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