Redwood Club March Member on Fire

Curt Hermon

Curt Hermon has been a member of the Redwood Club since 1998. He enjoys power lifting and spending time with his three kids: Katelyn, Kristen, and John.

He started strength training in college and continues to this day. You can find Curt in the gym on weekends and evenings talking to his many friends and working out.

Curt is a full time site supervisor for Otis Elevator and spends his weeks traveling around the world to install and fix elevators and escalators. He is known and loved by many, so one of our trainers, Jeremiah, gave him the nickname “The Mayor”!

Curt just set a new Redwood Club record for heaviest bench press of 520 lbs.!!! His goal is to bench press 600 lbs. by his 60th birthday this July. Let’s give Curt a hand for all his hard work!