Member Testimonial – TRC Program

Read a testimonial from one of our members who speaks of her experience with being part of our TRC program.


Testimonial-from-JessicaI have been a part of the TRC program for just about a year now, there are many things I could say that I love about this program.  For starters each day is a new workout, I never get bored and always leave with a sense of empowerment.  Having workouts planned and ready make it easier and more convenient, pushing my limits that I wouldn’t be able to exceed working out on my own. I have been able to reach goals that I never thought I would have reached a year ago and feel stronger than ever.  The workouts are made to fit with all ages and fitness levels, making it easy to cater to my own personal needs.  Aside from the workouts, both trainers make for a fun, safe, and motivating environment where I feel I can ask questions, have fun and truly enjoy the hour long workout.  I have built friendships with the other TRC members and look forward to working out with them, cheering them on and support each other through a tough workout.  Making it easy to get to class each day.  Incorporating TRC three to four times a week has helped me not only physically, but mentally as well.  I feel strong, happy, and healthy and foresee TRC being a part of my life for a long time coming!

– Jessica Krist