Members on Fire for October 2017

Tammy, Shelby & Taylor

The family that plays together stays together. The Redwood Club is my family’s playground!  My girls and I are very serious about our workout plans individually and collectively. When we enter the door together the three of us, or the two of us depending on our busy work and school schedules, it just seems to turn into a very challenging play date with a lot of sweat, smiles, and laughter!  

A few words from Tammy (Mom): We’ve been members for about three years now, my main focus has always been walking on the treadmill and doing a bit of light weight training. I just recently joined TRC and I am finding I really enjoy the workout program and the instructors. Right now, I am in the process of finding how to best fit TRC into my daily routine; next on my agenda is I plan to give a few of the Pilates classes a try, along with the Monday night line dancing class.  

A few words from Shelby:  I enjoy lifting weights at Redwood, especially with the recent addition of equipment! Between juggling work and being a full-time student at Sonoma State (and a part-time student at SRJC), it can be hard to squeeze in a workout. Redwood has always had a warm and inviting atmosphere. We have nothing but fun while we workout!

A few word from Taylor:  Always entering the gym with a “Hi Taylor,” “How are you, how is school?” keeps me motivated to get my workout in every day. I’m either getting in my cardio on the treadmill, running or doing the elliptical. I am a full-time business major in my third year at Sonoma State, along with working part-time (and starting my second season of interning at a local tax firm). After a long day of classes, work, and sorority, it is the warm energy from everyone here at Redwood that keeps me coming in!