Pilates Reformer Classes Are Here!

The Redwood Club now offers Pilates Reformer Classes, which will formally begin on

Monday, June 20th,
and Friday, June 24th. pilates-reformer-graphic


The Pilates Reformer Class will help you strengthen your core, tone your muscles and feel better!




About the Pilates Reformer Class

To help describe our new Pilates class—I will first, provide a bit of background information. Pilates is a physical fitness system designed to strengthen both your mind and body. As explained by its creator, Joseph Pilates, the teachings of Pilates are believed to help improve concentration, control, centering, flow, precision and breathing. Pilates classes, which have become quite popular over the past couple of decades—help participants stretch, build strength, increase flexibility and properly balance their bodies.

At fitness centers, Pilates classes are offered in the form of a mat or equipment based class. Pilates Mat Classes focus on strength training without utilizing any weight-bearing equipment. During mat based classes, participants use their own body for resistance. Mat classes focus on exercises that help participants increase their core strength and flexibility.

Classes that are equipment based are known as Pilates Reformer Classes. During the Reformer Class, participants use bands, springs, bars and straps to create resistance. These classes are ideal for participants of all levels because the use of equipment allows for more flexibility. Advanced participants can easily increase their resistance to create more challenging workouts while new participants, can work on strengthening their core muscles before attempting to complete a mat series of exercises.


If interested in learning more about the Pilates Reformer Class here at the Redwood Club, be sure to stop by during one of Dorothy’s Pilates demonstrations over the next couple of weeks.