Tips for Promoting Healthy Holiday Traditions

Sticking to your fitness regimen can be difficult during the holiday season. Finding the right options on the communal table during this festive time of year can help you stay healthy and happy well into the new year. Here are some holiday health tips that can keep you looking and feeling your best even when facing the most tempting high-fat, high-calorie menu items.

Add Your Own Alternatives

One way to promote healthy holidays and get-togethers is to make sure hearty and fresh options are available for you and your guests. Roasted vegetables with a light seasoning can be a pleasant change from deep-fried or butter-based options. Lean chicken and fish entrees are also preferable to heavier red meats. By bringing along your own favorite dishes, you can enjoy the benefits of healthy eating even in calorie-rich environments.

Indulge in Active Play


Planning a few outdoor activities for you and your guests can promote holiday fitness while adding to the fun of your get-together or party. Tailoring your friendly competitions and sports activities to the physical capabilities of your expected guests can help you achieve greater participation and added fun throughout the holiday season. Even a relatively slow-paced game of badminton can contribute to burning off excess calories while encouraging holiday fitness and increased interaction for everyone on your guest list.


Practice Portion Control

People Serving Themselves at a BuffetFor high-fat, high-calorie foods, slimming down the portion sizes can be a big help in establishing your healthy holiday traditions. This is particularly useful for when eating desserts, starchy side dishes and bread products. By cutting down on portion sizes, you can promote a healthier approach to eating during the holidays and throughout the year. This same approach can be used to manage high-fat products at tailgating parties and other social events that center around food. Eating smaller portions can also help to train your stomach to feel full more quickly, allowing you to maintain a healthy weight and diet more easily.

Buddy Up for Success

Friends Working Out TogetherOne of the best ways to stay fit and healthy during the holiday season is to enlist the help of a trusted friend or family member. Fitness buddies can help you stick to your dieting plan during social occasions. Additionally, sharing your workout routine with a friend can provide you with added motivation during the holiday season. Making time to hit the gym can boost your energy levels, allowing you to make the most of the activities and opportunities during this fast-paced time of year. If you are unable to find a workout buddy, don’t worry! You can always sign up for one of the group exercise classes at the Redwood Club in Petaluma where members frequently motivate one another.

Planning ahead can help you enjoy healthy holidays this year. By incorporating these holiday health tips into your everyday routine, you can stay fit while taking part in all the fun and festivities that this celebratory season has to offer for you and your family.