The Best Reason of All to Get to the Gym

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I didn’t have any trouble staying active when I was younger.

There was plenty to do and plenty of time to do it.

I slacked off a bit during college, but still managed to get out for a run and get to the gym at least a few times each week.

Then the duties of life took over.

I found myself too busy to work out and in too much of a hurry to eat right. I didn’t want to spend the money on a gym membership I wouldn’t use anyway.

Stress and worry set in.

Eventually, I was too tired to do much of anything but work all day and collapse in an easy chair when I got home at night.

Not the best example for my family. Very little energy for playing with the children.

Not the happiest guy on the planet.

Fast forward 20 years.

The doctor told me I needed to start taking medications for high blood pressure and cholesterol issues.

I looked like the poster guy for a man ready to have a heart attack.

  • Pot gut
  • Felt like death warmed over
  • Taking the elevator instead of the stairs
  • Could barely tie my own shoes or clip my toenails

I now had sufficient reason to make fitness a priority.

I joined the gym again … this time with new enthusiasm.

The best reason of all to get to the gym

Here’s what I discovered.

It’s something so obvious that I should have realized it all along:

Health and fitness provide their own reason. The time and money they require justify themselves.

It’s good stuff.

I love having energy. I love being able to walk and run and swim and jump. I love the feeling I get after working hard or choosing a salad over a pizza.

And I really love not having to take high blood pressure pills (or any other medications) and being able to tie my shoes without doing acrobatics.

The kids aren’t kids anymore, but it’s sure good to go hiking with them or play some ball.

When I eat right and get to the gym, I feel great.

When I don’t … I don’t.

It really is that simple.

How to turn it around and get back into exercise

If you’re staying active and watching what you eat, you KNOW what I mean.

If you’re stuck in the misery end of the cycle and can only vaguely recall what it felt like to be healthy, I’ve got good news for you: It doesn’t take that long to start getting turned around.

  • Get to the gym
  • Talk to a staff member
  • Get a buddy for accountability

Belly up to the facts and do what you need to do.

You know what that is.

Need help?

Come on down to the club. Let’s talk about it.

Together, we can do a whole lot more than either of us can do alone.