Try one of the many Pilates Classes offered at The Redwood Club!

Pilates training is sometimes referred to as core strength training. It shares a number of similarities with yoga and focuses on maintaining correct form and balance while building strength and endurance. Making time to participate in Pilates classes at The Redwood Club can help you enjoy the greatest possible flexibility and increased strength and endurance to provide added energy for your busy lifestyle.

Whether you are looking for a group fitness class to help improve athletic performance, balance, core strength, coordination, posture, your mind and body connection or your overall health, Pilates is a class for you!

Interested in Learning More About Pilates?

6 Primary Principles

Pilates exercises were developed by Joseph Pilates during the early part of the 1900s as a way to build strength in both the body and the mind. Pilates is based on six primary principles:

  • Centering is essential to create a starting point for achieving control and building strength from the core outward.
  • Flow refers to the Pilates method of moving gracefully from one motion to the next through natural transitions.
  • Control over muscle groups and balance is important to ensure greater safety and to provide the maximum benefit for fitness.
  • Precision in movements and transitions can produce much more dramatic results (in strength and endurance) than less precise motions.
  • Concentration is required to maintain focus and to achieve precise movements and correct flow.
  • Breathing correctly can ensure that the body is oxygenated fully during your Pilates exercises.

The Benefits of Pilates

Pilates can provide you with several key benefits that can enhance your overall state of health. Some of the most important advantages of Pilates include the following:

  • Pilates can increase flexibility and allow greater mobility and endurance.
  • Pilates exercises can improve muscle control and build strength in core muscle groups.
  • Regular Pilates activities can increase lung capacity and boost the circulatory system.
  • These exercise methods can improve your coordination and balance.
  • Classes in Pilates can provide you with an increased awareness of your body and an improved ability to manage stress.
  • In some cases, you may enjoy greater stabilization of your spine and reduced vulnerability to injuries of the bones and muscles.
  • Pilates is suitable for people at all levels of fitness and experience.

Staying relaxed and maintaining good posture during your Pilates exercises can help you increase your core strength and enjoy the greatest possible benefits from this advanced training method.

Most classes begin with stretching and mental preparation to ensure the greatest degree of focus during the Pilates exercises.

I’ve been doing Jacque’s pilates mat class since October 2016 and I love it. Over time, my core strength has increased so much so that my chronic low back pain has been relieved! I tried just about everything to fix it before, but the one thing that has helped the most is strengthening my core. I go to Jacque’s class twice a week religiously to keep my back feeling good! Jenny Christensen

Pilates Classes Offered at Our Gym

Mat Pilates

Mat Pilates exercises, as their name suggests, are performed on floor mats and use the force of gravity and the weight of your own body to generate resistance. This helps you build solid core muscles and ensure the greatest degree of balance and strength for your everyday routine.


Pilates for Athletes

Athletes require a more intense training regimen to achieve their desired goals. Our gym offers specialized classes for athletes designed to suit the needs of their sport and to provide a vigorous workout that delivers all the benefits associated with Pilates exercises.


Pilates Reformer

Equipment-based Pilates exercises use a fitness machine known as the Pilates reformer. Consisting of springs, bars and straps attached to a sliding carriage, the reformer provides controlled resistance to help you achieve the strongest core and a balanced approach..